Second Degree / Practitioner Level

A day course held in my home in the beautiful chalk downs of West Dorset, where you will focus on practical energy work. There will be no more than three students per course.

A delicious and nutritions lunch will be provided by Feed the Soul who use superfoods, herbs, spices and flowers to enhance and enrich body, mind and spirit. Happy, healthy, vegan and organic!

During the morning of your course, We will discuss your experience of Reiki at First Degree and recap the history of Reiki and it’s original purpose. I will have sent you the three second degree Reiki symbols in advance so you can demonstrate your ability to draw them correctly. 

I will then perform three simple and powerful ‘connection’ rituals, called Reiju Empowerments, one for each Reiki Symbol, connection to Earth Chi – for healing the physical body, Heavenly Chi – for healing mental / emotional issues and Oneness for connecting. 

We will discuss the energies and their corresponding symbols and spend sometime meditating and experiencing the differences between them. 

In the afternoon we will discuss and practice distance healing, the importance of intent and visualisation. 

I will then give you a Western Style second degree Reiki attunement. I have studied Japanese Reiki as well as Western style Reiki (Usui and Tibetan), many UK teachers only have a Western lineage coming through Mrs Takata, who brought Reiki to the West in the 1970s, Reiki was passed to her through the Japanese military. So I am lucky enough to be able to offer both Reiju Empowerments passed through Dr Usui’s surviving students and the more standard Reiki Attunements.

You will need to practise using the different energies for a few months before you can start advertising for paying clients but you will be able to practice on yourself, your friends and family (and even pets!) straight away. 

My Japanese Reiki lineage:

(how many Masters the energy passed through to come to me)

  • Mikao Usui
  • Suzuki San
  • Chris Marsh
  • Taggart King
  • Lucie Emmett
  • Sarah Eustance
  • Ellie Leger
  • Your name will follow here

We will then practice working intuitively and I will introduce you to ‘Reiji ho’ a technique that will help to enhance your intuitive practice. We will close with a practical session so you can practice all you have learned on your fellow classmates.


9.30am – 3.30pm
Price includes lunch, a framed certificate, a basic manual and ongoing email support.

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