About me...

I have always felt strongly connected to nature having spent much of my childhood in the wild and rugged landscape of Pembrokeshire. Now I have settled with my own family in the beautiful and panoramic chalk downs in West Dorset. We are very lucky to be surrounded by unspoilt organic farm land, which is home to many species of insects, birds and butterflies. I really enjoy being completely immersed in nature.

It is extremely energising to be surrounded by thousands of busy honey bees on a sunny day and this experience has certainly enhanced my Reiki practice. The Japanese word ‘Reiki’ literally translates as universal life force energy, some people refer to this as Chi, I have found honey bees to have this invisible energy in abundance.

I set up Reiki Bees in 2015 and it has certainly been an interesting journey so far – I welcome fellow bee lovers to join me along the way!

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