Reiki Master / Teacher Course

A weekend course held in my home in the beautiful chalk downs of West Dorset, where you will focus on practical energy work. There will be no more than three students per course.

Delicious and nutritions lunches will be provided by Feed the Soul who use superfoods, herbs, spices and flowers to enhance and enrich body, mind and spirit. Happy, healthy, vegan and organic!

If you need accommodation we are about 2 mins walk from The Greyhound Inn which also has a very popular restaurant. There is also Abbots Bed & Breakfast in Cerne Abbas which is a short drive over the hill.

In advance of your course I will request some information from you to find out your Reiki history. I will send you the two Master Reiki symbols as well as some other useful Symbols in advance which you must memorise and be able to draw correctly before you arrive. Depending on your experience I may also send you some information to study. 

On Saturday morning I will perform a simple and powerful ‘connection’ ritual, called a Reiju Empowerment, to connect you to the master symbols. This is sometimes a profound experience so you will be allowed time to meditate after. I will then demonstrate working with the Reiki Kotodama (chanting). In the afternoon you with receive a Western Style Master Attunement. After this you will be able to practice at Master Level, I will teach you how to attune others and there will be time to practice.

On Sunday morning you will receive another Reiju Empowerment. We will discuss the importance of intent and developing intuition, expanding our experience of Reiji Ho (guided hands technique) and perceiving the Chakras. In the afternoon you will have your final Reiju Empowerment, there will be time to meditate/reflect on these new energies. I will then teach you the benefits of Reiju and how to perform Empowerments on yourself and others.

You will need to let the new energies settle before you can start advertising for paying clients but you will be able to practice your friends and family straight away. I recommend a practice period of about 3 months.

My Japanese Reiki lineage:

(how many Masters the energy passed through to come to me)

  • Mikao Usui
  • Suzuki San
  • Chris Marsh
  • Taggart King
  • Lucie Emmett
  • Sarah Eustance
  • Ellie Leger
  • Your name will follow here

We will close with a practical session so you can practice Attuning and Empowering your fellow classmates and you may want to experience giving and receiving Reiki from each other at your new Master Level. 


9.30am – 3.30pm each day
Price includes lunches, a framed certificate, a basic manual and ongoing email support.

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